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Accelerated Reading

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What is Accelerated Reading?



What is Accelerated Reader? The Accelerated Reader Program is a computerized reading management program that motivates students to read while increasing student reading ability. It has grown to become the most widely used reading management software in schools today. Millions of children use the program and can prove significant gains in reading ability because of their increased reading practice.

How does it work?

1. Select a book. Students make their own choice from the media center. The books range in reading level from kindergarten through eighth grade.

2. Read the book. Students read their books at their own pace. They should discuss what they have read with a friend, parent, or teacher. Younger students may want to reread a book several times.

3. Take the test. Students take a computerized test, featuring 5, 10, or 20 multiple-choice comprehension questions. The program tells the student how many questions they answered correctly. It shows the answers for the questions missed and gives the percentage of correct answers. Their testing information is monitored by the classroom teacher, the librarian, and the reading coach.

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